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Provide your household data for our next directory. 

An updated edition of the Crownhill Park Neighborhood Directory was distributed in February of 2023. One complimentary copy of the printed directory was delivered to each CHP residence, courtesy of CHPNA members. The next edition will be published in 2025.

The directory includes publicly accessible data about each property on file with Bexar County, such as the property owner's name. Please be advised, the directory is not accessible online or distributed outside of CHP.  

All residents are given advance notice of the data which is scheduled to appear in the directory to ensure accuracy and allow suppression of sensitive data. Use the form below to update your data for the next edition. Residents are encouraged to provide additional contact information such as phone and email so that neighbors are able to connect during an emergency.  

How would you like your household information to appear?

Publishing your phone and email address in the directory will enable neighbors to contact you during an emergency when you may not be at home.

Which best describes your household?

Are you a star? Current CHPNA members in good standing will receive a star next to their name. Simply click the Join Us page after submitting this form.

Got it! Thanks.

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