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CHPNA secures safeguards before apartment complex obtained city permission to proceed 

The City Council voted in June to approve a re-zoning request to erect a 351 unit apartment complex with parking for 490 cars on a 15 acre vacant lot adjacent to Crownhill Park. The city's Zoning Commission had recommended the project for approval in May. Construction is expected to begin in late 2022.

Anticipating city approvals, CHPNA secured protections for our neighborhood from the complex's developer,  including a deed restriction requiring the complex to offer only market-rate housing in perpetuity. Safety upgrades for Jones-Maltsberger were also secured and will be in place before the complex opens.

CHPNA fought aggressively to mitigate concerns raised by residents in a series of community meetings and the resulting protections will have a lasting impact. Click for the latest details.

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City confirms Jones-Maltsberger turn lane

Councilman Bravo has confirmed that funding has been secured to create a center turn lane along Jones-Maltsberger which will provide safe harbor for motorists entering or leaving CHP via any of the four adjoining neighborhood streets.

The roadway's existing asphalt will be re-striped to create the center turn lane. Work is scheduled to be completed by Spring 2023 and is not part of any traffic mitigation upgrades the City may mandate for the upcoming Trammel Crow development. Those potential improvements will be finalized in the coming months.

CHPNA secured the improvement for this increasingly busy roadway as part of the negotiations to allow the nearby apartment complex to proceed.

JM ReStriping.JPG

Median islands to receive new greenery

As part of the agreement CHPNA negotiated with Trammel Crow Corp, three grassy medians separating Crownhill Park residences from Jones-Maltsberger and the upcoming apartment complex will become more green at no cost to our community.

CHPNA hopes to create a tall, thick green barrier for nearby residents to buffer the increasingly busy roadway. More shrubs and trees also means less mowing which CHPNA underwrites with funds raised via membership dues.

The developer agreed to install not less than ten new shade trees and eighty large shrubs. Species are to be determined closer to the installation date in 2024. CHPNA volunteers will help irrigate the additions for their first three summers. Green thumbs will be needed - please send us a message if you can lend a hand.

Directory update deadline is December 1

The CHPNA Neighborhood Directory helps residents contact each other for a variety of reasons. It's been several years since it has been updated, but the new edition will be published this winter. All CHP residences will be listed and receive a complimentary copy. Click to make sure your information will appear correctly.

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Annual Membership Drive is underway now. Click to renew!

Your Neighborhood Association volunteers advocate tirelessly to protect your property's value and improve everyone's quality of life.


Membership dues and donations pay for website and newsletter expenses that keep you informed. Showing your support is smart and affordable.


  • We engage city officials to improve neighborhood infrastructure and represent CHP in nearby projects.

  • We host gatherings like our block parties that connect neighbors and build community.

  • We landscape and mow the islands along Jones Maltsberger which is the main gateway to our community.

Share your talents with us!

Neighbors working together helps keep Crownhill Park a terrific place to live. We always need extra volunteers to help with tasks large and small. Send us a message and we'll help you find the right fit.

Newsletter articles and advertising welcome.

The next issue of the quarterly CHPNA newsletter is underway. We welcome your suggestions for articles. We also accept select advertising. 

SAPD Ready to Help

The SAFFE program run by SAPD assigns an officer to assist residents in solving local problems such as disagreements between neighbors and petty crime. Officer Chris Hetrick is available to Crownhill Park residents at 210-219-8531. 

Aren't you glad you have a Neighborhood Association? Join for just $35.

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