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Zoning Commission approves apartment proposal; CHPNA secures safegaurds

City Zoning Commissioners approved a 351 unit apartment complex with parking for 490 cars on a 15 acre vacant lot adjacent to Crownhill Park. City Council will be asked to vote its approval for the rezoning request in Mid-June.


Anticipating approval at both venues, CHPNA has secured protections for our neighborhood from the developer. The Board has engaged both Councilman Bravo and Courage to ensure critical safeguards, including upgreades for Jones-Maltsberger, will be in place before the complex opensClick for the latest details.

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Resident underwrites cost to mow medians.

CHP resident and local realtor Dex Densley has agreed to sponsor the cost of mowing the grassy median islands separating CHP from Jones-Maltsberger. Although the land is City property, CHPNA has provided landscaping support for decades using association funds.


In exchange for a donation of approximately $2000 per year, Densley will be allowed to place signs on the medians acknowledging the sponsorship by his RE/MAX Realty firm.  Ads will also appear in the quarterly CHPNA newsletter.

"We're grateful to Dex for his generous support" says CHPNA President Kelly Reid Walls, "because caretaking these islands has historically taken a big bite out of annual budget. Now those funds can be put toward other neighborhood priorities." 

CHPNA volunteers had attended to the medians using a riding mower purchased by the organization which had fallen into disrepair. Densley's sponsorship will enable hiring of a landscaping firm to do the work instead. Public Works also provides some infrequent mowing but CHPNA leaders have long felt that these prominent entrances to the neighborhood needed some extra attention.

Members approve CHPNA By-Law updates.

Members approved streamlined CHPNA By-Laws at the Annual Meeting on Saturday May 14. Revisions were needed to make the organization more nimble and efficient in addressing community needs. Click to learn more about revisions the Board recommended. 


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SAPD Ready to Help

The SAFFE program run by SAPD assigns an officer to assist residents in solving local problems such as disagreements between neighbors and petty crime. Officer Chris Hetrick is available to Crownhill Park residents at 210-219-8531. 

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