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Nov 14, 2020
In Tx-Dot Proposal Feedback
It is imperative that the residents of this neighborhood be able to traverse to locations via Loop 410 and McCullough. By removing the lights at McCullough, accidents will become more frequent due to the inability to see clearly the oncoming traffic from the proposed access rd between Jones -Maltsberger and McCullough. Also, the lines that build up from Chick-Fil-a in the far right lane of the access road will cause accidents and limit our ability to access Loop 410. This will impede access to I-10 as well. Additionally, removing the southbound access to McCullough will eliminate pedestrians’ ability to utilize the many Via Bus stops around Northstar Mall. The number 3 and 4 Buses stop inside Loop 410 around McCullough. These buses provide direct transportation to downtown. There are only 2 bus stops outside of Loop 410 and they do not go directly downtown. How will people from this neighborhood access the many bus stops around Northstar Mall and the Via Bus Depot if they cannot walk across the McCullough bridge? Finally, if this plan goes through, TxDot should pay for speed bumps throughout the main entry streets of our neighborhood from Jones Maltsberger - Colwyn Pass, Trafalgar Rd and Coronet. Also, if Jones-Maltsberger is the main entryway into our neighborhood, some lights and left turning lanes should be considered. Sarah Pitts


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