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Common neighborhood concerns and who is ready to help.

  • Roadway Safety.  Potholes, damaged street signs, burnt out street lamps, etc should be reported via 311 promptly.

  • Structural Disrepair.  Badly peeling house paint, broken windows, missing roof shingles, neglected sheds, ajar garage doors,   broken mailboxes, etc should be reported via 311.

  • New Construction.  Proper permitting for major renovations clearly evident from the street can be verified by calling 311.

  • Debris in Yard.  Garbage, moving boxes, and indoor furniture on porches, yards or driveways should be reported via 311.  Note, City Code Officers are generally prohibited from peering over tall fences, but they may accept images you provide.

  • Debris in Street.  Blowing or raking yard debris into the street is prohibited and homeowners can be held responsible for the landscaping firms they hire. Call 311 when you see it happen.

  • Unkempt Yards.  Lawns dominated by grass or weeds taller than 12 inches, lingering piles of yard waste, and trees that are dead or have large broken limbs should be reported via 311.

  • Unkempt Alleys.  Owners of residences which abut an alley are responsible to maintain their side. Overgrown or littered alleyways should be reported via 311.

  • Fences in Disrepair.  Missing pickets, leaning panels, damaged or weed covered chain link should be reported via 311.

  • Sidewalk or Driveway Hazards.  Raised sidewalks or crumbling driveways which pose a trip hazard should be reported via 311.

  • Prolonged Parking on Street.  Vehicles or trailers parked in the same street position longer than 24 hours should be reported to SAPD Non-Emergency 210-207-7273.

  • Parking on Lawn.  SAPD will not tag vehicles parked on private property, but City Code Officers will. Report off-driveway parking in yards immediately via 311.

  • Inoperable Vehicles.  Dormant vehicles in driveways that appear to be non-operable, including those which are covered, should be reported via 311. 

  • Trailers, Dumpsters, Moving Pods.  Trailers holding debris and portable trash or storage containers parked in driveways or yards longer than 60 days require a permit. Contact 311 to report lingering eyesores.

  • Noise Violations.  Disruptive gatherings and loud music, particularly after 10pm Sun-Thur or 11pm Fri-Sat, should be reported to SAPD Non-Emergency 210-207-7273.

  • Domestic Disputes.  Contact SAPD via 911 if you are concerned about the safety of any neighbor of any age. 

  • Human Trafficking.  If a rental property generates concern about potential human trafficking or prostitution. Contact our SAPD SAFFE Officer 210-207-6086.

  • Animal Control.  Wandering, injured, abused, or aggressive animals should be reported via 311 immediately.

Protect your property value and the quality of life we share.

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